China Market Product Safety

A Marvel for Toy Manufacturing

ACG Alliance is pleased to announce Dr. Yenvik Zhong on board as the Senior Consultants specialized in China manufacturing and sourcing, OEM/ODM product design and production, and supply chain management and training. Dr. Zhong has been in Walmart China for over 10 years as the chief leader in factory assessment and qualification, manufacturing process improvement, and quality control for Walmart’s 4.5 billion annual toys, children products and stationeries.  He spearheaded the cornerstone protocols for Walmart factory production and lab test requirements while he directed a team of 10 staff and supervised over 250 suppliers and 300 factories. The Walmart’s private brand “My Life As” 18-inch dolls that has surpassing 3 million pieces in production last year was one of his legacy.

Dr. Zhong is truly a marvel in toy manufacturing” said Paul Chen, CEO of PC Squared Consultants LLC, “Everyone in the Toy industry who supplies products to Walmart know his extreme toughness on factory production processes, product quality, and root cause analysis.”

If you are a factory owner, you would like his endorsement for production excellence.  If you are contracting factories to manufacture your products, you would like him to walk through those factories to evaluate and improve every aspect of manufacturing processes.

ACG Alliance is a team of seasoned professionals from top tier toy companies coming together to help companies in the U.S. and China to improve their competitiveness in the areas related to people, product, operation, and risk prevention.  With Dr. Zhong’s participation, ACG Alliance is able to further succeed into China manufacturing industry and to better provide clients in facilitating factory engagements and management.

In addition, Dr. Zhong also conducts speeches in seminars and training courses in China for companies to escalate production capacity and learn the best practices and world-class standards in the global supply chain.  He will have regular articles post on the as well.

To reach Dr. Zhong, please contact or ACG Alliance at 949-329-8120 or