The Genie in Brown Packaging

Whenever you have a new product that needs to push into the market, your next quest is to have a fantastic packaging to protect, complement and enhance the attractiveness of your product.  Designing a great package is not an easy task.  Multiple professionals to be engaged and time-consuming trials to be endured, for example:

  1. A Marketing professional to research on your target audience then to create the Packaging Creative Brief to define the best package style and message for your product to consumers.
  2. A Packaging Designer to sketch several concepts from the attributes defined in the Packaging Creative Brief.
  3. A Structural Engineer to actualize the concepts and to ensure the package be able to maintain the desired architecture of revealing the product as well as protecting it.
  4. A Graphic Designer to design graphics, typographies, logos, patterns and color theme to enhance the vividness for your package, the impression of your branding, and the desirability for your product.
  5. A Photographer to take intriguing photos of your product or pictures representing the joyfulness of using your product. These photos boost your package’s visual communication for your product.
  6. An Illustrator to draw pictures for igniting consumers’ imagination of using your product.
  7. A Copyrighter to write great copies to praise your product and embrace people to buy it
  8. A Legal Researcher to make sure all claims and intellectual property are rightfully declared
  9. A Prop Maker to test print the package, put them all together and mock-up the prototypes.
  10. A Test Lab to perform drop-test, freshness test (for food items), and other compliance tests for all the safety requirement for package.
  11. A Print Shop to make the perfect color separation films, select the right materials, cut, and mass-print your package.
  12. An Assembly Line to assemble your products into the packages accordingly.

To have achieved all these tasks and their inherited constant back-and-forth modifications, you really would love to have a genie popping out of box to do it for you.  Early this year, Gradient Medical Inc. was at that exact stage when they came up an evolutional wearable pain-relieving product named Quadrabloc.  Luckily, they found their desired genie in the Brown Packaging company to design, develop and produce a set of high-tech luxury feel packaging now available in the market.

The Brown Packaging company, located in Anaheim, California near Disneyland, has been in business for over 30 years specialized in total packaging solutions, from providing any packaging supplies, printing, making and assembling packages, to vendor warehousing and inventory management.  The most uniqueness of this company is its Genie, their on-site Packaging Design Center. This Genie has all the right equipment, software and hardware, professional talents and years of experience to have your packaging designed from concept through all necessary packaging development processes to the fast-to-market delivery.  Other design shops will tell you that they can design packaging from their computer.  But, Brown Packaging actually has a Large Format Roland Digital Printer that can print up to 74 inches wide on any substrate, a supersized CAD/CAM Design Table to accurately cut design dielines in high speed, and a Thermoformer/Blister and Skin Packaging Machine that can be used for prototyping or short-runs of thermoforming and blister packaging.  Not to mention other machines that you won’t find in any petty shops, such as 3D printer, Pouch Sealer, Tray and Blister Sealer, etc.  Under the same roof, they can produce your packaging locally from mock-up samples to mass production, or they can send their design files overseas to your product factory site for global manufacturing.

The first time I met Mr. Mike Turfanda, CEO of the Brown Packaging, was in March 2017, I have been fascinated by his facility and his passion toward packaging. Immediately, I surrendered myself to admit to him “Had I met him couple years earlier, he could have solved my packaging problems and reduced many of my headaches and sleepless nights.”

I used to have special orders to bundle several local inventory stocks to one SKU for customers like Costco.  I could not deliver due to lacking local resources to make special packages and assembly them for shipping.  Brown Packaging could have helped me catch those lost sales opportunities for extra fortune.  In addition, my packages are normally printed and made in China along with products in overseas locations, but, sometimes we need prototypes to be made for presentations to Walmart, Target or other tradeshows.  It is costly and time consuming to have package mock-ups in China. With the Genie in Brown Packaging, I could have achieved it effectively and efficiently with fractions of costs.

Like helping Gradient Medical on its Quadrabloc packaging, Brown Packaging and their Genie have experience in designing retail packaging for toys, cosmetics, foods, medicals, appliances, and other products.  You can browse through their numerous packaging samples showcased in their official website on the Portfolio and Case Studies pages.  So, Need Packaging, call Brown Packaging or visit his website  They and their Genie can do it all for you!

China Market

Only 2 Cities and 3 Provinces Increased Minimum Wages in China

According to China Briefing recent article “Minimum Wage in China: Minimal Increases in 2017”, there were only Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shandong, Fujian, and Shaanxi increased there minimum wage levels in 2017 so far.  Shanghai increased 5%, Shenzhen increased RMB ¥100 in monthly wage to RMB ¥2,130 (about US$295), the second highest minimum wage in China.

Despite of these increases, most of Chinese workers are not being paid at the minimum wage, the average monthly salary in the leading city was RMB¥7,606 (about US$1,114) in 2016 as reported in the article.


Aldi to invest $3.4 B for expanding to 2,500 U.S. stores

Aldi, the German supermarket giant, found in 1913 and has over 9,200 stores globally (including 1,600 Aldi US stores and 418 Trader Joe’s stores), announced big expansion to 2,500 US stores by 2022.

Walmart is current No.1 in the $800 billion US grocery market, with 17.3% market share, Kroger is No. 2 at 8.9%, Albersons/Safeway is No. 3 at 5.6%, Costco is No. 4 at 5.1%, and Sam’s Club is No. 5 at 3.4%.  Aldi is planning to be Number 3 after the expansion.


China Market Product Safety

A Marvel for Toy Manufacturing

ACG Alliance is pleased to announce Dr. Yenvik Zhong on board as the Senior Consultants specialized in China manufacturing and sourcing, OEM/ODM product design and production, and supply chain management and training. Dr. Zhong has been in Walmart China for over 10 years as the chief leader in factory assessment and qualification, manufacturing process improvement, and quality control for Walmart’s 4.5 billion annual toys, children products and stationeries.  He spearheaded the cornerstone protocols for Walmart factory production and lab test requirements while he directed a team of 10 staff and supervised over 250 suppliers and 300 factories. The Walmart’s private brand “My Life As” 18-inch dolls that has surpassing 3 million pieces in production last year was one of his legacy.

Dr. Zhong is truly a marvel in toy manufacturing” said Paul Chen, CEO of PC Squared Consultants LLC, “Everyone in the Toy industry who supplies products to Walmart know his extreme toughness on factory production processes, product quality, and root cause analysis.”

If you are a factory owner, you would like his endorsement for production excellence.  If you are contracting factories to manufacture your products, you would like him to walk through those factories to evaluate and improve every aspect of manufacturing processes.

ACG Alliance is a team of seasoned professionals from top tier toy companies coming together to help companies in the U.S. and China to improve their competitiveness in the areas related to people, product, operation, and risk prevention.  With Dr. Zhong’s participation, ACG Alliance is able to further succeed into China manufacturing industry and to better provide clients in facilitating factory engagements and management.

In addition, Dr. Zhong also conducts speeches in seminars and training courses in China for companies to escalate production capacity and learn the best practices and world-class standards in the global supply chain.  He will have regular articles post on the as well.

To reach Dr. Zhong, please contact or ACG Alliance at 949-329-8120 or


One Buyer for both Walmart Stores and

For the same items, salespersons used to go to Bentonville, AR for Walmart Stores presentations and San Bruno, CA for  In the efforts to increase offerings and boost assortments, Walmart Bentonville buyers can buy items for both stores and online.  However, the on-line only suppliers or different items for on-line suppliers are still need to go to San Bruno.  More about this, please read Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s “Wal-Mart modifies its buying operation


Walmart Chargebacks on Suppliers?

If you are the suppliers for both Walmart and, you are advised to ready the recent whitepaper “Walmart and Jet: The Hidden Audit Risk for Suppliers” published by Harvest Revenue Group, LLC on May 30, 2017.

The report suggests that as now Walmart owns, any suppliers who used to provide both Walmart and same items on different price margins, Walmart and its third-party auditors may audit the’s records and issue Chargebacks to suppliers.

For more about this, you can download the report from


China Market Product Safety Toys

Phthalates in Toys from China

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used as substances added to plastics during manufacturing to increase products’ flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity.  Your everyday plastic products from toys, bottles, vinyl flooring, cosmetics, to even medical blood bags have some phthalates in them.

Studies have found phthalates can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system.  People are exposed to phthalates by eating and drinking foods that have been in contact with containers and products containing phthalates.  The more frightening is breathing in air that contains phthalate vapors or dust may also go into your body system.  Children have a greater risk being exposed to phthalate particles due to their hand-to-mouth behaviors according to US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Safety regulations all over the world have banned or put a limit on Phthalates uses for product manufacturing, especially for Toys, infant bottles, and other products that are normally used by young children.

However, phthalates make products more presentable and attractive on display.  Contract manufacturers or sub-contract manufacturers are still using these phthalates secretly to make their product easy to sell.  Recent two news “Greenpeace finds phthalates in EEU toys” from and “Supervisors Scrutinize Safety of Chinese Children’s Products” from show these dangerous substances are still in use by manufacturers, “The head of one type of doll was found to be more than 18.4% phthalate” and “the Chinese standard is set at 0.1%.”

Phthalates in Toys should be an old news.  In US, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has established bans and regulation in 2008.  News like these in China send alarming notice to US buyers and brand-owners to watch or test more frequently on products purchasing from China.  A single product sample test is not enough.  Random sample tests should be conduct more often for the safety of our children.

For more information on Phthalates standards, please contact Mr. Paul Chan, our expert in safety compliance.


China Market Toys

China Toy Market

Our friend, Lutz Muller of Klosters Trading Corporation, reveals China Toy market statistics and what are the strategic approaches from the those toy giants, Mattel, Hasbro, Jakks, Vtech, and Spin Master from his recent article “The Chinese Toy Market – A Hard Nut to Crack”.

“As the example of Mattel and Hasbro demonstrates, even the most accomplished and strongest of toy companies find China to be a major challenge and this is why they went the route of allying themselves with well-established companies there.” Says Mr. Muller.

Read more about this great article from

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Wal-Mart Online Sales in the U.S. soared 63%, Q1 2017

According to The Motley Fool, the secret ingredients for Wal-mart online’s growth are:

  1. Acquisitions – acquisition of
  2. Agressive e-commerce initiates – more items, free two-day shipping over $35, and pick-up discounts

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