Experience on Processes

In most organizations, the bottleneck is at the top of the bottle ~ Peter Drucker

A global manufacturer we used to serve divided its operations into twelve business units.  They had seven factories in China for their productions, one office in Hong Kong for financing and sales activities, one office in the U.S. for its R&D and Marketing, and three warehouses in the US, China, and France for its logistics. The CEO wanted a global ERP system to acquire real-time information and to track each unit’s performance from his on-screen dashboard.  However, each business unit had their own database with different definitions of terminologies, timing methods, and calculation formula.  Each business unit also had their own “silo secrecies” that they didn’t want to disclose to other business units. The ambition to have an integrated global computer system from twelve business units had been proved impossible. If you were CEO, what would you do?

Bottlenecks and errors are normally the byproducts of any operations, especially when your company is growing and outpacing your current system’s capacity and ability.  To be efficient and effective, you need to simplify, standardize and computerize your operation processes.  Your current employees may be too busy in their daily tasks and do not know how to streamline processes across different functional departments.  You need outside been-there-and-done-those experts to introduce and design new and improved methods for your operations.

In addition, externally those mass retail chains are also expecting your orgainzation to manage your stock level, POS analysis, and replenishment activity through their systems such as Walmart’s Retail Link, Target’s Partner Online, and Amazon’s Vendor Net systems.  You will need a consultant with hands-on experience to coach your staff through these processes and improve your utilization.

ACG Alliance has experts experienced in business processes, logistic, and operations.  We have helped companies in:

  • Optimizing operating processes
  • Setting communication methods and SOPs to prevent errors and time-wasting roundabouts
  • Taking advantage of Walmart Retail Link, Target Partners Online, and Amazon Vendor Portal systems
  • Organizing the external and internal information processes that prompt collaboration within business units 
  • Streamlining and prioritizing tasks for leadership to make quick and skillful decision-makings

Make your business processes smoother and faster for customers to work easily with you.

As for the case above, ACG’s experts first helped them consolidate and unify the business definitions across their business units.  Hence they could merge systems without errors . Then, we helped key executives to realize the benefits of a real-time system, turning them from risistances into advocates. After the implementation completed, the system ran smoothly, accurately, and rapidly above their expectation.  It is a quantum leap for their operations.