Experience on People

A company is known by the people it keeps ~ Will Rogers

One of the cases we have resolved was a company with about $15M revenue in the beginning. When the company was in the developing stage, the CEO gave new employees big titles in order to keep them happy. So, under the CEO, they had a CFO, a President, a VP of Sales, a VP of Marketing, a VP of Licensing, a VP of Product Design, and a VP of Operations. Seven Generals among thirty soldiers. One day, they won an order from Walmart, and all 7 Generals came to the CEO claiming credits for the Walmart contract, and asking for raises and better titles or they would leave the company. Unfortunately, the order was not large enough to give everyone a raise but the CEO was not willing to lose key member of the team. If you were the CEO, what would you do?

Your employees are your company. The greater the talent pool you have, the greater your company will become. People are usually the biggest challenge for CEOs and business leaders.

ACG Alliance has helped global companies to:

  • Transform key employees from the weakest links to high performing role models
  • Recruit talents from competitors in Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Operations
  • Organize company global structure to build-in accountability and profit-centered mentality
  • Develop a corporate culture with the sense of urgency for results that generate profits
  • Terminate problem employees to solve managerial and morale issues  
  • Design employee incentive programs for rapid sales increases

For the case mentioned above, that company is now in a healthy grown stage of 250 people globally. We helped them design a road map for their human capital development to complement the company’s core competency and annual goals.  When the employees understand their company’s directions with a clear road map, people won’t fight internally. They fight externally for their company’s greater future.