Experience on Products

Relentless improvement of the product and upgrading of consumer tastes are the heart of mass merchandising ~ Christopher Lasch

One of the companies we served, a TV and computer monitor manufacturer, had the absolute best video and audio quality for TV sets in the market. Their engineers were so proud of their secret technologies, they refused to change any circuitry or components. Some of the components they used were so special that were not commonly availale in the market.  Hence, the costs of making their TVs became much higher then their competitors. As a result, competitors could offer better value to consumers. Their products were losing significant market share very quickly. If you were the CEO of this company, what would you do?

Another well-known toy manufacturer we helped has a great sales volume in Asia market but not in any other region.  Their products’ functionalitiesa and quality are great but they don’t understand why the key market in North America is not accepting their products.

Your products need relentless improvement in style, functionality, design, and other features to fit the ever-changing of consumer tastes.  In addition, you need to establish great communications between your products and consumers via packaging, branding, and licensing.

ACG Alliance has experts experienced in product/packaging design, engineering and development, branding, licensing, and category management.  We have helped companies in:

  • Stage by stage designing of product and packaging to satisfy customers and entice consumer loyalty
  • Taking the lead in managing Chinese manufacturers to get timely delivery and consistently high quality
  • Positioning your product with smart branding or entertainment licenses to differentiate from competitors
  • Negotiating with retail chains on product selections and co-op marketing that increase margins
  • Collaborating on product developments to match retailers’ category management strategies

Improve your product offers (that is including product itself, its packaging, sales management, marketing activities, and licensing brand) from the market needs, not from what you can make, you will see your market share increase.

With our advice, the CEO of the prestiges TV product manufacturer from the above example was able to spin out another engineering team to produce value-added products under a different brand to carry his company to the next generation.

In case of the toy manufacturer’s products, we have our product desgin team to help them improve on their product design.  From that on, the products are selling in the U.S. market well.