Project Facilitation

Project Facilitation Service provides direct hands-on works on assignements or to lead client’s in-house staff to fulfill experience-required projects.

We are your Helping Hands who can shorten your learning curves, avoid errors, reduce costs and time, provide extra experience from our various expertise to your single or multiple projects.

We are your Coaches to transfer knows-how, boost performance, facilitate progress, or integrate resources.

We are your Interim Senior Execuites to represent your team in the important tradeshows or meetings as your leverage to get better business results.

Project Facilitation Service is a by-hour or by-project service. You may tailored it as cost-effective as you need.

The Initial Two-hour consulting is free.  Service can be provided on-site or off-site via phone, email, video conference, and face-to-face.

Our current clients found this servie extensively helpful for increasing their corporate image and capacity without high costs and long term contracts, expecially for those Chinese companies who want to master the US market and operations or for those U.S. companies want the proficiency and experiences in the China territories.

Examples of Project Facilitation Service that we have engaged are:


  • Talents Recruiting
  • Employee Termination
  • Employee Roadmap Development
  • Employee Handbook Update
  • Employee Safety and Injury Prevention Training
  • Management Sexual Harrassement Training


  • Product Design & Development
  • Packaging Design & Development
  • Graphics Design & Illustration
  • Marketing Brief Development
  • Packaging Brief Development
  • Entertainment Licensing Engagement
  • China Factory Sourcing and Qality Management
  • TV Advertisement Production and Programming
  • Product Positioning and Banding Presentation


  • Manufacturing Planning & Auditing
  • Walmart’s Retail Link, Target’s Partners Online, and Amazon’s Vendor Portal Systems Setup and Report Generation
  • 3PL and Ocean/Inland Freight Optimization and Implementation
  • Shipping and Warehousing Improvement
  • Internal Communication and Operation Enhancement
  • ERP System Implementation


  • Safety Compliance Evaluation and Fulfillment
  • Compliance Issue Mediation and Mitigation
  • Trademark, Cpyright, and Patent Applications in the US and WIPO
  • Business Negotiation and Contract Strategies
  • Corporate and Profit Protections and Insurances Review
  • Seek invoices and puchase orders financing