Executive Advisory

Executive Advisory Service provides consultations to CEOs, Presidents and Executives in:

  • Strategies formulating, planning and implemention
  • Problems discovering, solving and prevention
  • Resource seeking, leveraging and integration

We are your Sounding Board for validating and amplifying your business and management.

We are your Chief of Staff to help you coach leaderships, facilitate projects, drive changes, optimize costs, and improve overall performance.

We are your Trump Card to speed up learning curves and reduce stress on those unfamiliar realms of new businesses.

Executive Advisory Service is a monthly retainer service providing 20-hour, 30-hour and 40-hour per month options that you can tailor as cost-effective as you need.

The initial 4-hour consulting is free before engagement. Services can be provided on-site or off-site via phone, email, video conference, face-to-face, and days or nights.

Our current clients found this service extremely useful, especially for those CEOs who travel frequently. We are able to prvide promptly advice and resources to drive their business movements without time or space restraints.

Examples of Executive Advisory Service that we have engaged are:


  • Talents recruiting from competition to increase company next level capacity
  • Terminating problem employees to solve managerial and morale issues
  • Transforming key employees from the weakest links to high performing role models
  • Organizing company structure to build individual accountability and team profit-centered mentality
  • Developing senses of urgency culture that oriented in results and profits
  • Designing employee incentive programs for rapid sales and revenue increases



  • Reviewing and evaluating product marketability and profitability
  • Advising and improving product’s features, designs, packaging and pricing
  • Positioning product’s target audience, markets and sales channels
  • Mediating entertainment licenses to enhance product sales volumes
  • Collaborating product development with retail category strategies
  • Sourcing and managing China production facility and quality



  • Auditing manufacturing procedure to improve quality and discover wastes and flaws
  • Optimizing Sales Administration in sync with customer purchasing and replenishment systems
  • Streamlining Shipping and Warehousing systems
  • Creating forms, checklists, SOPs to prevent errors and reduce none value-added activities
  • Simplifying global communication procedures with built-in control points
  • Taking advantage of Walmart’s Retail Link, Target’s Partners Online, and Amazon’s Vendor Portal systems



  • Chartering mediation and loss mitigation for product recall demanded by Governing officials
  • Updating company product, employee, sales, and operation policies to current regulations
  • Reviewing all contracts and agreements to avoid unforeseen consequences
  • Applying trademarks, copyrights, and patents in the US as well as WIPO
  • Offering business negotiation and contract-writing strategies
  • Suggesting necessary corporate and profit protections and insurances
  • Financing cash-flow for invoices and purchase orders