Eric Steinmeyer

Living and working in Asia for nearly 20 years, Eric Steinmeyer brings extensive experience in providing solutions for Chinese manufacturers to expand their market reach and develop a more robust organization.  His work with leading manufacturers in consumer electronics, children’s toys, sporting goods, and home décor, has been across a wide range of areas including finance, sales & marketing, operations/logistics, and customer support.

Eric’s expertise includes providing financial solutions to allow start-ups and SME’s additional financial resources through invoice and purchase order finance.

Eric is also an expert in developing and expanding sales networks globally as well as organizational development to improve the ability for China-based companies to address communication, safety, and quality requirements of multinational retailers.

Also possessing unique experience helping Chinese companies diversify their manufacturing operations outside of China, Eric can advise on site selection, local management recruitment, and raw material supply chain sourcing.

Eric is regularly a guest lecturer at the Chinese University (Hong Kong) School of Business on topics relating to Business Development and Supply Chain Management.

Whether a start-up or established supplier, Eric brings knowledge, expertise, and cultural awareness to a project.